Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Path, My Freedom

Freedom is being able to decide on what is best for you, and pursuing what you think is best for you.
I never envision my career plan naming a position I would like to pursue in my career. I only want to become a person who can help communities to live a better life through the knowledge and assistance that I help sharing. I only want to do good as much as I can for the community that I serve, and that vision has brought me to amazing journey of establishing a volunteer network, developing educative radio programs in the radio stations where I used to work, to broadcast news and anchor talk shows, moderated political debates during local elections in my hometown, developing disaster risk reduction education and public awareness materials for thousands of community members in disaster-prone province, as well as facilitating discussions which foster cross-cultural understanding between youth from eleven countries. I have never lost sight of that vision of becoming a person who can help be useful for others.
I know myself well. I know the kinds of job that I like. I love doing a good research before I plan, I love developing programs, running projects, to be engaged with my beneficiaries, to listen to them, to think of best ways to deliver services and assistance. I love using my communication skills to capture their thoughts and ideas, to think of the best approach of doing things, to deliver the right message, to embrace commitment, to build cooperation, and to motivate others. Those are things that keep me excited. And when my efforts yield into results – mostly knowledge, awareness, will, and supports, I am the happiest person on in this universe.

Knowing priorities, and knowing my visions have helped me making decisions. When it comes to choosing between working and taking care of my loved ones, the last would prevail. When it comes to choosing glitzy title of job and organization but not doing much for the community and humble title where I could contribute more, I quickly decide as I know my call.

I have been choosing my career path carefully, but sometimes, a job that looks like a channel to realize my visions is not as suitable as it seemed in the beginning. Thankfully, life is less complicated when we know exactly what we would like to become. Making a career choice is less heavy when we know our true call. Then I know when I have to steer my career wheel, and where to.

I know so well, for over ten years now, that happiness comes as I dare to walk on the path that I believe in. I have long decided that my preferred life path is the path of service and compassion. That determination is my compass. I know that my work should be the labor of love. I know who, and what should be my priority. And those, are my destinations.

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