Sunday, November 4, 2012


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Change. That is the theme of life.
Change happens within us at the counts of seconds. Constantly, continuously, sometimes - depends on the inputs, drastically.

Change is the process that happens everyday, as our marrow produces millions of blood cells, as our body transforms foods that we chew, air that we breathe, water that we drink, into things that keep us alive. Change is the regeneration of dead cells with the new ones. Change comes as grey hair that grows as we grow older, wrinkles that start with fine lines, height that we gained since we were child, curves that are sculpted at our torso, million things that we see along the course of our life, millions of thing that we witness, experience, deal with.

As much as change is natural, change can be worrying. There are changes that are totally out of our control, there are changes that happen because we want them to happen. So there are unconscious changes and conscious ones.

Speaking of control, we can only be able to control things when we know what to expect and how to handle it. None of us were born with a manual on how our lives would fold, and how to control things that would come along. Ability to control comes along our life experiences. We can only, as Steve Tyler said, "learn from the fools and the sages". Billions of references have been written since human could write, Google could grab millions of answers from the experiences of those fools or sages. But often, it is us, ourselves who make those fools and sages we should learn from. The references are imprinted in our memories.

Life never comes handy. Today we can walk because we, as babies, took the risk of tripping, stumbling, and falling as we felt the urge to walk. Luckily those days we were not so much equipped with the perception of risk and danger. Unconsciously fearless, we managed to take those first baby steps.

As we grew a little bit older, we were so occupied by the excitement. Those early days in our childhood, many things looked so interesting. We got excited so easily. Movements excited us as kids. Toy cars, wagging tails, bikes, merry-go-round... Mobility got us felt empowered. We love the ideas of flying. Feeling the wind passing by my ears as I was speeding up on my bike was among the best feelings I could recall from my childhood. Is the excitement of moving around and being mobile recorded in our DNA? I always wonder. After all, we took the risks to experience those movements. Today we could ride a bike after some bruises from falling down to the ground as we learn. So now, as adult, why so worried about moving? Learning and changing can be painful process. But if we don't take such risk, how would we discover the (currently hidden) joy of life?

I admit that things that are out of our control are potentially worrying. The worry is normal because we, (grown up) human, love certainties, and dealing with change is not always easy. I personally feel better when I know what to expect so I can anticipate any sensation that comes along with a change. Or maybe not? Holding the premise, "what you don't know won't hurt you", probably people won't feel too worried if they don't know that actually a fatal disease is growing in their cells. Would they, or would they not?

Change - when it is conscious, often feels uncomfortable because it shakes our beliefs, our ways of seeing and doing things, our ways of handling problems. Change can be worrying when it deals with others' feelings. In a cultured society, change can be perceived negatively simply because the major views of that society disapprove that. That, is daunting. However, when we can ensure ourselves that our change is not intended to hurt others, and above all, it is actually for the good intention, just be sure about it and wish that those who misunderstand would understand one day.

Change is for those who wants to change. Change is for the braves who are courageous enough to take and overcome discomfort, stand up and face the problems that come with blows of consequences. When it comes to questions of will that change do me good? Or will it do me bad? I don't know until I throw myself into that jungle of uncertainties and manage to map my path.

I think will just start with being excited instead of worried.
Then I will start with believing: I want this change, it will be good, and I will be okay.

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