Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Interview in The Voices from the Earthquake

Today TV One, a national news television channel in Indonesia starts a new 30-minute documentary program called "Cerita dari Tanah Bencana" - literally means "The Story from Disaster Land". (TSDL). This program is developed in cooperation with the National Disaster Management Agency of Indonesia, covering disaster issues from Indonesian provinces that have experienced the worst disasters in the nation's history.
The issues include the stories of community's survival, the efforts done in post-disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation, the lessons learned from the disaster recovery processes, and the efforts to reduce future risks. I was requested to be one of the resource persons in TSDL series on Aceh. The request from one of the producers, Hendra, was very specific, "I want you to be the resource person because you were here, actively involved, since the beginning of disaster risk reduction in Aceh."
So I was just like, "alright, let's see how I can assist you."

I asked my supervisor if it was okay and he said, "well, the invitation is for you, and we would love to see you in that program." Oh. How lucky I am to have such boss. :)
When I was a journalist, I always said that one day I want to shift role from someone who interviews into the person to be interviewed. As I moved to Aceh to start my disaster risk reduction education and public awareness works, I enjoy my roles as the person producing and directing my organization's education and public awareness programs, including TV programs on disaster risk reduction issues. I learned a lot from the people I work with, and from the documents that I have to review. As time goes by, I gain more knowledge DRR and development, and really I love to share it.

So here are some cuts from my interview with TV One, a national television in Indonesia. Here I answered some questions on how post-tsunami blueprint unfolded, what made it fail to take place, and what would be the best approaches to involve the community in reducing disaster risks.

Thanks to everyone who gave me the opportunity to make my voice heard. :) Another sweet thing about this project was, this movie won the 5th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (AMCDRR) Movie Competition in 2012, for the category of Disaster Risk Reduction Documentary.


  1. what a surprise when seeing old friend @tvone .... and even more surprised when the subjects he wrestled really noble .....
    social activities

    disaster management are really good ... but a lot of people forget is the efforts of post-disaster management and disaster trauma treatment.


  2. Hi Tomiiii... It's been so long! :)
    Sekarang di mana?
    Yeah, life is all about choices. I choose to walk on this path, and I'm happy doing what I do now. Disaster management comprises many aspects, from mitigation, preparedness, emergency response, reconstruction and rehabilitation. All are important for saving people's lives. :)