Friday, September 2, 2011

Morning Flights

I've been flying a lot recently. I have became very familiar to some airports that somehow I feel like there is an auto pilot in my head. I don't have to stop and read the airport directions carefully because I just know where to walk straight and where to turn. I even often feel that just suddenly I arrive on my seat. It feels like taking your usual shuttle bus to school. After a while you know that you just need to be at the very same bus stop, board in, and you would arrive to where you are heading to.

However, I haven't gotten used to early morning flights. It still feels quite torturing to wake up so early or even not sleeping at all to anticipate the early hour trip. Just like this morning, I had to leave at 4.30 a.m. from home to catch my 6.20 a.m. flight.

I haven't found the most comfortable way to do it. I usually end up staying awake all night or sleeping restlessly for some few hours. Then I'd sleep all through the flight. I wonder if others also have the same difficulties and I wonder how they cope with it.

One thing I can do is making sure that I don't bring too many things to the cabin. With sleepiness I tend to forget things easily. That is the best I could do to minimize the risk of losing things during my morning flights.

I am now waiting for my flight to Jakarta. One thing I love about morning flight is to see the sun rises at the airport. I can't get bored of it. The wide, open landscape allows me to see the crimson ball raising up gradually into a bright yellow sun. Wherever I fly from, it is always worthed to see the sunrise. Like the one below, this is what I am talking about. :)

After all, there is always beauty in every event. I should be glad I can cherish it. :) Now the sunrise moment has passed. I just want to board into the plane. I need to sleep. Soon.

Ahmad Yani Airport
Semarang, September 3, 2011

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  1. I love getting discount business class tickets, too. There's something about being in the clouds that makes me so peaceful

  2. hehehe...aku justru suka banget morning flight... Liat sunrise dari pesawat...keren...! :)