Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Escape To Discover

5.46 p.m.
Cloudy sky hangs over the Indian Ocean. The usually-turquoise water absorbs the gray hues of the sky. Sounds of the waves, busy kitchen, people chat, gospels sang in German at the stereo, a space for myself at a corner of a café made of bamboo and coconut woods, an open view to the ocean, a book corner with shelves filled with books from many corners of the world, individuality that stands out but never disturb each other. Wide open air outside, and I know so well that soon dots of stars will cover every corner of its horizon.

This is the place I turn to when I need some moments to think. A place for a short escape, place to find inspiration. This is an escape to rediscover.
I made big decisions here. Withdraw myself for a while to recollect myself, create great plans, wrote some of the most important documents I have ever written. It's amazing to realize how peaceful feelings can bring so much strength.

A netbook now is opening before me. Lines of plans and proposals are waiting. Deadlines are set to tomorrow. I will have some more glances to the ocean, take a deep breath and start.

Time to time, in life, you need a place like this. An escape where you can let your mind feeling at ease, where your mind feels pampered by the sense of freedom to discover what it needs to discover, pampered by the effortless beauty, just the sea, sun, sand, and the sky, then your creativity will flow naturally. Nice and easy, like the wind that sweeps the tips of the leaves down at the cliffs around here.

Thank God, for leading me to discover this place four years ago.

*Written during another peaceful escape at Sumurtiga beach resort, Weh island, Indonesia. This place is also known as Freddie's, referring to the name of its owner, a very nice and hospitable Freddie Rousseau. I think someday I will stay here to write some of my best novels. *crossing my fingers* :)

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