Monday, June 27, 2011

Kuala Unga River Crossing, West Aceh

This is the route that I pass quite often in the last one year. As we have some projects at the Western Coast of Aceh, we have to travel through this Banda Aceh - Meulaboh route. Most parts of this road were swept away by 2004 tsunami.

The tsunami also changed the landscape of the coastal area. Bridges that used to stand across the river are now standing in the sea water some 10, or even 50 meters away from the newly-formed white sandy beaches and dunes. New roads are now being constructed away from the coastal lines to reduce the risks, just in case (but hopefully not) if similar disaster strikes in the future.

The unpredictability of road block hours and the hesitance to drive a longer way on off-road route-like route made many passer bys chose this unique service: river-crossing service on a raft. I really love this part for the adventurous feeling always rushes in my mind as I cross this river. Here is my video on how the river-crossing on the raft at Kuala Unga works.

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