Saturday, June 4, 2011

30 Minutes

How long does it take to change your life's direction?
Often it's very short. One impulse, one mistake, and someone, or you - yourself ruin a precious thing that you've built for years.

Telling your children that they are useless and ruin their self-esteem forever takes less than one minute.
Following your impulse, kissing another person and betray your beloved one takes less than two minutes.
Saying something stupid in a bad joke and get your good friend to thinking that you disrespect him or her takes less than three minutes.
Making a phone call asking another person for a night out while your beloved one is waiting for your call, that takes less than five minutes.
Getting so angry,yelling and bang your office door and get your boss thinking that you are an immature staff takes less than fifteen minutes.
Flirting with another person you meet in the bar and moving to another level of involvement while your spouse is waiting at home takes less than twenty-five minutes.
Those are the examples on how long it takes to make the mistakes you might soon regret.

How long does it take to finally make a decision?

Often you have been thinking about it for so long, but it takes one blink of the eyes to finally say, "this is it. I've had enough and I must walk away." It often only takes those short-minute mistakes from others to make your final decision.

You might have been abused all through the course of your career in an office but it takes one single 'too much' action from the person who abuses you to make you finally write a resignation mail, or to file a report to the higher management.

You might have been disappointed all through the course of relationship, but it takes a single short-second mistake of your partner to finally have a say.

How long does it take to ruin a great image, a dream, a hope?
How long does it take to heal the wounds from the event that that happened in that very short period of time?
How long does it take to recover trust?
How long does it take to make up your mistake?
How long does it take to finally be able to look into the eyes of the people that you used to love and say, "I forgive you."?
How long would you bear the regret, shame, disappointment, anger, resentment, disgust, trauma from the seconds of the hurt?
How bad those seconds of distrust and hurt ruin you?
That's the thing that we never know.

Even just to be able to talk about it, it takes time until you feel strong enough to recall the pain. Some people just keep the pieces of their hearts, pretending they are okay even if they are not.

It doesn't take too long to alter a life. To demolish trust. To dump the innocence. To make big decisions among many options.

Beware of the things you do in every single seconds that we live. Think about it carefully. Because if not, we might regret those very second in a million other seconds ahead.
Because once the precious thing is ruined, it's hard to expect that it would come back as a whole again....

(All are the the thoughts that come accross my mind whenever I listen to 30 Minutes by T.A.T.U. Here is the lyrics)

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