Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Take Me As I Am

I was craving for an inspiring song, and there were only two names coming across my mind: India Arie and Mary J. Blige. I decided to watch Take Me As I Am, and as expected, I feel the beautiful spirit of its lyrics.

The video of Take Me As I Am, just like Mary's other hit, 'No More Drama', captures different kinds of hardships someone might have been living. A wife with lazy, jobless spouse, a lady with a flirty, disrespectful partner, a beautiful model facing the hardship in her relationship and modelling career, and a woman sharing her day's stories with her friend.

One thing I love about Mary J. Blige's empowering song is its personal touch. Just like in No More Drama, here she take the ownership the whole experiences: "she is me", that's what she said. It feels that she is a friend who tells me that she was in my shoes. She shows examples on how she uprises and learns from her bitter past without regret, and instead of drowning into bitterness, she accepts "all the things that helped to make she".

People have different take-on from every experience. Some blame people who hurt them in the past for making them a more bitter person, some others would say that they are grateful for moving out from the experiences. Some let their past bad experiences overshadowing their present and affecting the people around them, some others evaluate their experiences and see their flaws, then learn to walk more carefully and help others to avoid such experiences from happening.

After all, life is like a buffet dinner: you have many options and you can end up tasting different flavors. If you are not carefully considering your choice of meal based on the label next to the pots, people's suggestion, or your past tasting experience, you might end up tasting some foods that don't please you. However, you still have many other choices, and before the time is up, you can always have second, third, fourth, or more chance. You still have chances to enjoy your buffet dinner later you choose more carefully.

Here, Mary talks about a woman who chose to respect herself through accepting the downsides of life and the efforts to stand up. I feel that this song resonates to me for its inward-looking, self-empowering perspectives ring to my beliefs. Mary doesn't talk about revenge. She talks about the positive sides of living the hardships. Then, when she made it, she shares her story to the world. At the end, as the lady she talks about in her story gets older, she also becomes wiser, standing on her solid ground.
I wish many of us would end up the same positive way.

Here is the link to the lyrics: Mary J Blige - Take Me As I Am.

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