Sunday, February 13, 2011

In the Name of Love

- A Valentine's Day Note -

Mobarak stayed for a couple more weeks despite the waves of protests inquiring the Day of Departure.
The Egyptians in Tahrir square insisted on the change of the new regime.

Different Egyptians interviewed in BBC and Al Jazeera News Hours debated on whether the sudden change of regime would be good. I remember, one of them said, "...those in Tahrir Square don't really love Egypt."
In the name of love, they argued.

Mobs attacking the Ahmadis in West Java did that in the name of love. They said the Ahmadis do not really follow the teachings of Islam. They claimed that they loved Islam - and that was why they fought for the "correctness" of its teachings.

The Ahmadis stayed where they are. Keeping their faith although the threat of bloodsheds was, and is apparent. They believe what they believe. It's about their religion.

In the name of love, corruptors greedily suck every resources that don't really belong to them. It's their love of wealth, money, or their love to their family that drive them crazy.
Those are the love dramas I see recently.

In the name of love, people kills.
People steals: goods, or other's lovers.

In the name of love, people goes crazy.

In the name of love, people fights, or defends.

In the name of love, people hates each other.

Whether love is good or bad, I think it is relative. It turns out that love can make one stand tall, break, smile, or cry.

Or else, it is like what Freddie Mercury said, "too much love will kill you."

The relativism of love is overwhelming. How much people believe in it is no less overwhelming.

Speaking of belief, love is not only embedded in a religion. Some people claims that their religion is "the religion of love". However, I think, Love itself, is a religion. That, is when we are speaking of religion that's described as "a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny" (Princeton). Love is about belief. A belief that tells ourself what we believe is good for us. That we are compassionate about things. That we must protect of beliefs. It is love that brings us to the spiritual exeperience of loving. How our heart swells when we look into the eyes of the ones we love. How powerful we could become when we are in love. How biased, funny, ridiculous, passionate, vulnerable, emotional, courageous, we are when we are in love.

In the name of love, comes efforts, fights, and sacrifice.

Then comes along memories. Good or bad, it will tell us if we have to keep on loving or just give up. Thougts about if we will still love the same thing, the same person, the same moments, or if we want to quit.

Love is a journey. An exploration of selves: ourselves and others. An experiment of strength that is both exciting and (somehow) worrying. A trial for beliefs. When love towards different preferences is being contested, things could become more complicated. It is not easy to change hearts to others: a regime, a person, a thing. It takes a major trigger to shift the heart's direction. It can be a betrayal that leads to a painful disappointment. Then at that point we will contest the options: staying or leaving. Fighting or giving up. My highest spiritual court order, when things get too complicated for myself, says that there is one love that may save the day: love to ourselves.
Banda Aceh, 13 February 2011

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