Friday, August 7, 2009

Then Let It Be

Somehow, life is about the repetition of feelings, repetition of thoughts, repetition of events. You might travel different places yet you might always be caught in similar feelings....


My little angel embraces my soul
Whenever I ask her about love,
She always says it's all around me

My little angel caresses my face
When the rays of morning sun comes
She lets me know that here and there,
I am in the embrace of the Almighty

The love of the Absolute Love
The light of the Absolute Light
Then I should neither be in fear nor feeling lonely

My angel took my hands and leads me to fly
then I see:
all the ground that I walk on is my hometown
all the places where life brings me to settle down is my home

I was born as a wanderer,
then my happiness is hidden
at the secrecy of the places that I would see
If it means that I have to travel the world for eternity
Then let it be...

-AW*, April 28, 2009-


  1. Hello Asri
    Came across your blogs while looking for some information on Semarang in 1741 at the time of the siege. I am writing a historical novel with Chinese, Javanese, Dutch and English protagonists and their descendants through the period of about 1650 to 1820, or thereabouts. I was in Indonesia first as a correspondent for Reuters and visited it over following years for The New York Times and later other publications. I met my late wife in Jakarta. She worked for the UN. Her name was Truus The Tiang Nio and she was born in Surabaya. You can learn more about me on my blog (or if you like, email me at
    I was very impressed by your curriculum vitae and your experience working in so many different areas. You live a busy and exciting life. I also enjoyed your writing.
    I am the author of several internationally published books (some of which you can find on my blog). I just wanted to say hello and wish you all the best.
    I was looking for a map of Semarang in 1741 showing the VOC fortress but could only find later maps. Howeve, they give me some idea of the layout of the area where the fortress used to be.
    Best regards,
    Ian Stewart