Friday, December 19, 2008

Sundown in My Heart

Snowy Albany from above, December 2008

look at me today
I ain't got a magical love story
my days are just as grey as yours,

If you open your eyes you'll see,
the same sundown in our hearts reminded us
by the end, we cannot be the same old person
nor a different person too far from who we are

Let's blame those who took away our innocence
and please hold my hand for I get a little lost
as by the end, all I know is I'm a little bit lonely
and I need your arms to hold me

As my past is tripping in the pages of history
my love is vanishing
my wishes fade away
and I lose my answer when my soul asks me who to trust

Those whom we love flies away in their own journey
and I guess, we just cannot count on to the past,
nor to the illusion
maybe it's time for us to open our eyes and admit
it's you next to me
and I, next to you

Let's wipe away our tears
and throw those regrets
as well as our misery
far, far away out of our windows

Maybe it's the moment for those sadness to face the sundown
and wish that nowadays is the moment to witness the twilight
learn to see in the darkness
without ever wishing too much again
or question, whether the sun will shine again another day

take the fact
that we are not the same us
and wishing for the pain to dissolve soon
is the moment when we torture our wounded soul

Let's cry
let's weep,
let's scream
let's face it,
brave, brave like those noble warriors
and hold my hand

Let's not believe in Pink Floyd,
that we're two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl
let's wish,
by the end, we're two contented soul swimming in the world's ocean,
or fly, far, far away, happy and free...

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