Sunday, November 16, 2008

When I Miss Indonesia... (Part 01)

I miss Indonesia tonight, and this is what I watch over, and over again...

The title, "Rumahku Indonesiaku", means "My Home, My Indonesia".

For you, who are not familiar with the views of Indonesia, you are watching the scenes taken from different parts of Indonesia. With 17,508 islands stretching along the equatorial line, we do have a lot of breathtaking views to offer. The first part of the clip is the scene from Papua, the most eastern part of Indonesia. Next, with the savannah scene, I suppose it's taken around Timor islands, at the south-eastern part of the country. Then, the coral reefs and the beautiful sea, well, basically you can find it almost in all parts of Indonesia. From Sabang, where the zero kilometer of Indonesia begin up to Papua, we have amazing sea gardens and gorgeous tropical coral reefs with its diverse biotas. Then there is a scene of a red giant flower. That is Rafflesia Arnoldi, the world's biggest flower. Later you see Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world that was built in 8th century, located at the heart of Java island. There is also the beautiful crater lake that I suppose to be Kelimutu lake. We have more than 150 active volcanoes streched along the islands, and some of them have beautiful craters. Then, you see the Barong dance from Bali, that represents the good and the evil. Then lastly, the white sandy beach, blue sea and atol, are also everywhere in Indonesia... then the red and white brought by the children represents the color of our national flag. The red symbolyzes the courage, and the white symbolizes the purity of the soul. Really nice ad.

The ad was produced by Gudang Garam, a major cigarette company in Indonesia, for the Independence Day Comemmoration. Yeah, some of you might feel reluctant to this "cigarette" fact, but, yes, we have big cigarette factories here in Indonesia. Our soil grows tobacco and cloves perfectly, that makes smoking becoming things that you would see everywhere, at every corner of my country...

The following is the text of the naration in the ad:

Ketika aku melihat sesuatu yang tak pernah kulihat sebelumnya,
Mataku terbuka,
Betapa indahnya negeri ini

When I see something that I have never seen before,
My eyes are open,
How beautiful this country can be

Dan ketika ku merasakan hal yang tak pernah kurasakan sebelumnya
Hatiku terpukau,
betapa besarnya bangsa ini
And when I feel the things that I have never felt before
My heart is mesmerized,
How great this country is

Hanya di sini, di rumahku,
yang membentang luas ke empat penjuru
Kupersembahkan seluruh jiwa dan ragaku
Only here, in my home,
Which spreads to the four directions of wind,

I dedicate all my sould and my body

Dan kupastikan,
tak akan ada yang mampu merebutnya dariku
And I ensure,
None will ever take it away from me,

Hanya di sini, di Indonesia...
Only here, in Indonesia...

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