Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Ordinary Day

Just a short distraction in between my response paper....

I always wonder why my days are never ordinary. Uhm, I mean, as a student, my ordinary day should be between books-campus-classes-homeworks, rite? But if you followed my stories, seems that there have been too many dramas. Big or small, they made my life tastes so spicy. :)

Yesterday afternoon I dressed up for coming early to the campus for some readings in library. Then I heard bangs (yes, bangs, not "knocks") on my door. The peek hole of my apartment door is too tall for my eyes (yeah... you can laugh on it. I'm petite, what can I say?) so as always I just yelled at anyone at the other side of my door,
"Who's there?"

And I almost fainted to hear the answer:


I was about to say, "you're kidding!" but the voice was so confincing. You know, that kinda deep voice in cop movies...

So anyway, I opened up my door and YES, there were two officers, their heights are double my height (ok, I'm exaggerating...but they're really tall!), with their nice uniform.

"How may I help you?"
I could see that they were in steady - ready position, have a look into my tiny room, and after seeing that I'm just such this tiny-little-cute-harmless girl in purple shirt and white cardigan, they started to ask me questions:

"Do you live alone here Ma'am?"
"Yes I do"
Then the female police officer showed me two photos captured from CCTV
"Do you recognize the man in these pictures?"
I looked at that. For me it looks nothing but an ordinary bald-headed skinny Caucasian, aged around 20. You can find a lot of guys looking so similar to that in my campus, but yeah, I don't recognize him as anyone familiar.
"Would you have a closer look to examine again?"
So I had a closer look.
"No, I don't recognize him. I'm pretty new here, just arrived in this building this year's September."
"I see, no problem."
"May I know what happened?"
"This man is suspected to break the windows of our patrol unit's car."
"When was it?"
"This weekend. We suspect that this man is living here or hiding around here."

O-oh. I was having a bad fever last weekend, and in the middle of the night I thought I heard people yelling and fighting, then ran in the corridor, at some point there was a man yelling, "Jimmy! Jimmy!", but I was not sure. I was between waking up and sleeping.

Anyway, I don't know that man, I didn't see the incident, and I didn't hear breaking objects that night.

Then the female officer took her note pad.
"May I have your name please?"
Then I spelled my extra-ordinary long alienish name that none of my professor have ever managed to spell correctly without looking at their paper... :))
I added my favorite remarks;
"I'm from Indonesia, if you're wondering where that strange-looking name is from."
"Oh, wow, Ok."

She leaned closer to me ask she asked for my date of birth and phone number, and I've just realized that she was sooooo GORGEOUS!

She got very defined eyes. I focused on her make up, she applied nicely toned dark greenish smokey-eyes eye shadow, nicely done eye-lashing and eye-lining, lipstick and -oh. My heart beat faster to realize that she looked so sexy in her outfit. I was even thinking of grabbing my camera, asking her to have a photo with me... But, of course, I didn't dare to do so! :D

After all, I realized that felt more nervous to face the police officer's beauty than facing the probability of having a criminal hiding in my apartment's building.
Gosh, what's wrooongggg with meee... ???

*I think I start to see the funny side of every drama....*


  1. woo.. kurang kerjaan! ditakoki pulisi malah menganalisis make up...

  2. hahahahahhahahahahahahaha... jaka sembung bawa golok yah? :D

  3. haha mas wien gemblung
    udah tau ini posting tentang nelayan kok bilang tentang polisi :p

    eh mbak asri ga inget ya loenpia ultah yg ketiga

  4. Hi Asri,
    Thanks also for your visit to my Blog.
    There are a Tag I give to you. I hope you enjoy doing it.

    Have fun and have great day!

  5. Hi Asri, I love your blog. There are so many thing I want to see on my blog page. Hope you will help me put them there.

    For now, good luck with your papers...


  6. busyet deh..malah merhatiin make up, kalo aku udah gugup ketakutan kalo ditanyak-tanyak polisi wkekkekkekk