Monday, October 27, 2008

A Little Surprise :)

A good news from a best friend is always nice. But it's really fun when the news comes with cute surprise.

So, yesterday night, in the middle of the daunting literature review assignment I found a new mail delivered in my inbox. It was from my very best friend - almost my brother, Ismu. :)

I copy you the original message:

...Pada suatu sore saat aku pulang dari kantor dan akan menuju Senayan City buat latihan Gym di Fitness First. Sambil menunggu lampu merah, ada beberapa SPG yg lagi sebar-sebar brosur, dgn ramah sang SPG membagikan kepada setiap mobil yang berhenti. Dan sampailah Mbak SPG yang ramah itu menyapa dan berharap aku membuka sedikit kaca mobil untuk menerima brosur yang ditawarkan.

That evening I went back from my office, heading to Senayan City to have my gym sesion at Fitness First. While waiting for the red traffic light, there were some SPG (Sales Promotion Girl) handing out some brocchures, nicely they gave those brochures to ever cars stopping there. So, there she came to my car, expecting that I would receive her offer.

Aku buka kaca mobil, dan brosur aku terima tanpa memperdulikan apa isi brosur itu, aku langsung menaruh disamping jok. Tapi berhubung lampu merahnya lama bangettttt, dengan terpaksa aku ambil brosur dan membaca " oh ternyata EUROPEAN HIGHER EDUCATION FAIR " yang akan dilaksanakan 1-2 November. Tuuuuuuuu kan gak penting banget, dan gak menarik buat aku, tapi begitu aku balik brosur itu........

I opened my car window, I received that brochure without really cared about the content, and I put it at the seat next to me. However, the traffic light was sooo long that I decided to grab that brochure and read it. "Oh, it's about EUROPEAN HIGHER EDUCATION FAIR that will be held on 1-2 November". Thaaatt is sooo not important and so not interesting for me, but when I turned to the other page.....

" Maksud'eeeeeeeee !!!!"

Brosur itu berubah jadi menarik perhatiaanku...ternyata terpampang seonggok wajah (maaf ya....) hahaha yang sekian lama aku kenal dekat bangetttttttt . Itu Fotomu Nokkkkkkkkkkk.... hahaha....

That brochure becomes so interesting to me... there I saw a face... that I have known so close for sooo long. That was your picture Deaaaaarrrrr... hahahaha...

Dunia sempit banget ya....

The world is so small, ya...

Hehe dibayar berapa kamu nok mejeng dan tersebar diseluruh Jakarta Raya? wah selamat...selamat.... (*makasih banget mas!)

Hehe... how much did they pay you to be displayed there and circulated all over this Great Jakarta? wah congratulations... congratulations....

So, this is Ismu, my best friend, with the brochure. He sent it as the attachment to his mail. :D

I couldn't believe my eyes too.

It was a photo taken on a rainy afternoon in Paris, by a professional photographer named Unkay when I was a student of Alliance Francais (AF) Paris, back in 2006.

I was visiting my AF library when a librarian came to me and said that there was a Mexican photographer searching for Indonesian face to be the photo model for a European Commission project. I was so excited to imagine the experience of being the model of a professional photographer in Paris. Then I met that photographer, a gorgeous Mexican lady named Unkay, then I simply signed a contract that certify my agreement to have my photos to be used for the publications related to the European Comission project for four years. It was like a voluntary project and I was not paid by any single Euros. I was so impressed that even I wrote it in my old blog. If you are interested to see the story from that photo session, you can click here.

It's not the first time that signed a contract and I found my photo in publications later, yet it feels so dear to me as it was part of my days in beautiful Paris. And, as I am now pursuing my higher education abroad - but not in Europe, it feels a little funny. However, I still keep my dream to study in Sorbonne later when I go for my doctorate degree.

To make this article more meaningful for my blog visitors, the brochure is about European Education Fair Indonesia 2008, where it will be the biggest European Education Fair for anyone interested in studying in European Union Countries. The event will consist of Asia-Link Symposium in Hotel Shangri La Jakarta on 31 October 2008 and European Higher Education Fair on 1-2 November 2008 at Balai Kartini Convention Center Jakarta. You can find more information on that event in ... and... ehm, there you will find more of my photos at the front page*! :))
(*Jiji's comment on this news: "that must nourish very well the slightly narcistic side of you :)" well, I guess he's just right!)

Life is just so sweet with good friends and little surprises around in this little planet!
The front page of the EHEF website


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