Monday, October 6, 2008

Eid in Albany

Guess where it is.
Middle East?
Okay. A muslim country?
It was in front of the Islamic Center of the Capital District (ICCD), Albany, New York State, on Wednesday, October 1, 2008.
We celebrated the Eid Al Fitr, the big day after 30 days of Ramadan fasting month. It felt really warm in my heart, after almost two months living here in Albany, feeling as a minority, to find that there is a melting pot for common believers from different parts of the world to gather and to pray together....

The best part of the Eid prayer was the sermon. I found that the concept of Islam taught in the ICCD is a very peaceful teachings, with flexibility, yet encouragement to do good things in the track of Islam. Above all of them, the best part for me was the quote from Al Baqarah verse no. 277:

"Truly, those who believe and do roghteous deeds, and perform Salah (our
prayers), and give Zakah (the charity), they will have their reward with the
Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve..."

As a J1 visa holder, I've been living in worries and sadness. On Eid evening I started to feel that I was so weary, and I have just realized that I haven't really had a single good rest since I arrived in the States. I arrived late for the orientation as it was difficult to get the flight ticket due to the high season, I was not prepared with pre-academic, nor gateway program to comprehend American education system, while at the same time I was homeless, so I had to search for apartment, furnitures, moving, at the same time when I already started my class and the assignments started to flood my desk.

I had also to encounter pretty tough adaptation process, as on the way I had to deal with some problems; mostly about services issues, with my apartment landlord, with my bank, with my TB skin test, also dealing with the new education system, new major of studies, with the homework, with the broken heart, with loneliness (as I used to have a lot of friends back there in Indonesia), with the grieve and regret of hear that a very good friend of mine was murdered a month ago.... I can't count again, how many times I cried in silence, as I don't have good friends yet here.

I felt liberated on Eid. I did see that I was not alone when I saw hundreds of my muslim brothers and sisters there. The Khatib's sermon opened up my heart, that I should not be worry or live in grieve... when I pray and when I do good things, because I have the Almighty protecting me...
Isn't it nice? :)

Happy Eid, My Beloved Brothers and Sisters!

Hope your fast to be accepted: Sure, I hope so!
After 30 days of fasting, it should be the best thing to get!

meeting the Indonesian families...

Corner of the ICCD

ICCD from outside

Loooonggg.. line of the cars at the parking lot,
so we had to walk pretty far to get Mike's car

It was a cloudy day....


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