Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gratitude :-)

the cover page of my "book of good wishes"

Yesterday I wrote a very emotional article in my blog about my experiences with bad services in America. Added with negative feelings after the failure of my transaction with Western Union in the evening, my uncomfortable sinusitis and bleeding nose, I slept uneasily.

At 5.25 I was awakened by two nightmares in a row. I felt high fever, and I felt so bad. I was terrified. I needed someone to share, and there was only one person in my mind, whom I trust to share the craziness of my nightmare stories with. So, soon I jumped from my bed, grabbed my laptop and skyped him* (*name is disclosed as I haven't confirmed him if it is OK to undisclose his identity :D).

Thank God he was still online. So I told him about my nightmares, like the way I usually did in some other mornings when we were together. When he was around he would immediately sing Bob Marley's "Duppy Conqueror" and I would end up laughing to see his funny expressions. Too bad I can't have that special treat as I'm far away from him now... :(

Soon within our Skype talks he reminded me of one thing,
"....while reading your last article today in your blog, I felt so much negativity. And though i understand so much the frustration, the negativity is harmful to you in the first place because you will keep attracting more negative incidents. More bad taxis, more bad services, more frustrations..."

If you are Rhonda Byrne's The Secret's reader, I'm sure you feel familiar with that statement. Yeah, some months ago we learned about law of attraction from The Secret. Not only that we red the book, we also watched the DVD and discussed about that so many times. We do believe in the law of attraction, that "thoughts become things". It was in the end of May that we started to hit the book. Since then, we have "played" with our law of attraction and that brought us to some magical moment, of having our wishes fulfilled in amazing ways.

However, as I faced my frustrating days here alone, it had been very difficult to maintain my positive vibes. But he's right. Totally right. I should switch my negativity. If you ever wonder why when your day starts ugly, usually the unfortunate moments will follow you in the whole rest of the day, that is due to the negative energy that you keep, that pulls other bad energies in. And I don't wanna pull more negativity in my life, ever again.

I know I should switch my law of attraction, from the frustration mode to good wishes. After all, he reminded me, "You come to the States voluntarily. None kidnapped you to go there. It was your dream, and it was what you fight for!"
Ah, he's right. I remembered again how I wanted to get this scholarship, how I came to the Fulbright panel interview when I've just arrived from KL with severe bronchitis and fever, how I speed up on my becak motor (yihaa, it did felt so heroic to rush on that typical Banda Aceh public transport! :D) to be ontime for that super-important afternoon, how I prayed that the day should be sunny so the never-ontime Merpati flight could get me out of Nias after my mission, as in less than 24 hours after that mission I must be in Jakarta for my GRE test... How I studied so hard even at Binaka Airport, while having spicy Indomie soup with Robin, who taught me the simplest math... How could I forget those days?

Surely, it is not easy at all to switch our mind from negativity when the world treats us unpleasantly. Yet I MUST try to switch my mind to positive vibration. I find that counting the simple blessings and gifts that I got, and feel grateful about it are the easiest shortcuts to start with.

I actually have a book that I call "my book of good wishes" where I write about everything that I want to achieve, and all good things that I got. The cover page of the book is the picture that I put in the beginning of this article, where I drew all my favorite symbols and icons. The memories about the book itsef is nice. The book was an empty little notebook given by a good friend of mine in Aceh, Jessica, in my last working day there. Inside, I also have a dried four-petals frangipani flower, a lucky charm that reminds me of my beautiful childhood memories and beautiful moments of love...

So, this morning, after that reflection moments I decided to be back to be a happy person than a grumpy one. I should encourage the other side of my mind to discover positive lessons-learned of every events. I should feel the gratitude of every little things in life, and the sum of all those little things should be abundant because there have been so many good things gifted to me. So, fueled by the belief on good things, I re-launched my positive law of attraction, that life, after all, is just sooooo.... good. Yes, that's it: GRATITUDE! :)
*hope I will be strong enough to maintain this positivity*


  1. HOREEEEE!!!!!!! The real Asri's BACK!!! :D

  2. well i actually have this book as well, starting from yesterday. I feel so much better...but then I am thinking, I actually worry if my wishes becomes an obsession, but if I don't have any dream or wishes how can I get into my future? How can I leap this far without it? How can I be in this place if I don't have a dream. So I decided, that I would not care what would people said, obsession or dream..That's me and that's what I want to get in life!! I AM A DREAMER and I work to make it comes true :)

  3. You've exactly pointed out the main difference of a mere dreamer and an innovator Cynt...
    When you work hard to make it true, you would invent something that is way beyond obsession! I guess, this is what brings all of us here too, rite?:)
    I'm a dreamer who works hard to make my dreams come true too, and I'm happy living this way. :)

  4. Yaayyy... kalian benar-benar temanku...
    Matching chemistry! :)